Continuous High Temp Rendering Plant - NSW, Australia

Keith recently designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned a continuous high temperature rendering processing plant in Sydney, Australia.

The plant can process up to 20,000 kilograms (44,000 pounds) of mixed raw material per hour and is housed in a purpose-built building occupying a restrictive parcel of land without compromising maintenance access or operator movements.

The plant incorporates state of the art metal detection systems and an electronic control package designed to provide improved process management.

Continuous High Temp Rendering Plant

By-Products Rendering Plant - NSW, Australia

Supply, install and commission a new stand alone By-Products Rendering Plant to process 6 Tonnes/hr of Ovine raw materials.

The plant equipment includes all raw materials receiving, processing and handling equipment.

The principle plant equipment includes a Keith series 900 Continuous Cooker, fully automated Batch Wool Hydrolyser, 2 Keith 1037 Expeller Presses, all meat meal and tallow refining, storage and out loading systems, blood receiving and De-Watering Plant, Keith Rotary Blood Dryer Package, Waste Heat Recovery Plant, Keith Bio Filter Package and all associated materials handling systems and equipment.

By-Products Rendering Plant