Continuous High Temp Rendering Plant (January 2020) - VIC, Australia

Plant Description:

>  A V-Ram pump capable of up to 10,000kg/hr transports material from the existing collection area approximately 150m away to the rendering plant raw material bin.

>  A new generation bottom discharge 900 Series Continuous Cooker processes the material and presents it to the two bull-nose model 1038 Screw presses.

>  A Sweeco tallow screen, Keith 24 x 38 tallow centrifuge and GEA polisher refine tallow to produce a high quality end product.

>  There is a twin screw cake bin, hammer-mill and meal grading screen along with an automatic Magna Ram magnet for final metal contamination removal before entering the 60 tonne capacity meal blending bin which is set up on load cells. Automated truck loading system which can also be operated remotely, loads open top trucks.

>  TOU designed biofilter package efficiently naturalises the high intensity odours creating a virtually odour free working environment without impacting any neighbours. This plant will surely help remove the stigma that a rendering plant is a smelly operation.

Operator Focus:

>  Despite having no prior rendering experience, the plant operators were running the plant by themselves within three weeks of commissioning (with available back-up from Keith Engineering), which showcases the usability of the automation package.

>  Keith Engineering are monitoring the plant on a daily basis via remote access to the main PLC control suite and online video cameras, providing relevant feedback required to help the plant achieve the desired end products.


>  Material was first presented to the plant for commissioning on January 2, 2020 and since then it has produced finished product every day the abattoir has been in operation.

Notable Firsts:

>  First split system biofilter in Victoria.

>  First factory fitted bottom discharge Keith Continuous Cooker.

>  First Keith cooker with automated steam temperature control.

>  First Keith plant set up with factory iPad remote control operation to compliment the control room computers.

>  Record breaking concept to completion in just 12 months.

Continuous High Temp Rendering Plant (January 2020)